Do you want to manage your project portfolio and IT initiatives effectively and efficiently while being constantly informed about the status of your project?

mimacom offers you the perfect solution. Let our specialists show you how to sustainably manage your project portfolio with the support of JIRA and Confluence

 From requirements to project portfolio management with JIRA

The traceability of defining the business requirements till its implementation within a project is rather rare. In most following aspects are missing:

  • The use of different tools for managing requirements, projects, programs and portfolios.
  • Lack of traceability of requirements
  • Lack of transparency due to lack of reports
  • Lack of overview of the status of implementation of requirements, projects and programs

Project Structure Compact

mimacom has therefore set itself the goal years ago to define a sustainable path (mimacom path)  for the management of project portfolios and IT programs and projects, which regulate the usage of methods and of the supporting toolchain. From the perspective of transparency and integration of all development tools, JIRA is the core of the toolchain and represents a best-of-breed solution, which perfectly harmonizes the process from requirements and code management to an automated build and subsequent test execution.

mimacom path toolchain is the result of years of standardization efforts by mimacom, aiming effectiveness, efficiency and quality in software development, to successfully increase computer science projects at the highest maturity level (CMMI Level 5) .

Tracing errors from test back to requirements is becoming more and more a reality for the mimacom customers. The standardized and customized reports and shared cockpits always deliver full transparency about the current state of the portfolio of programs and projects.

 With mimacom till the goal has been achieved

Taking into account your corporate values and processes; we help you implementing your value chain successfully. Both JIRA and our toolchain, find more and more often the way to the business and operate as a central interface between IT and business. We understand tools as support, help, which help implementing Human Centric Designs and facilitate the work.
mimacom helps you designing, building and integrating the toolchain or single modules and trains your employees in agile project management (project management and software development) and their tools.

For our customer, the professional support and the years of experience of the mimacom consultants in the agile and toolchain fields, is a very important success factor. 

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Putting JIRA and Confluence to work

mimacom and the team leads collaborated to define the objectives to be achieved, to-gether compiled the solution, and last but not least configured it using JIRA and Conflu-ence. In the final configuration, the issue tracking system JIRA, with the plugins used (Agile, Tempo, Structure, etc.), has a fundamental role in the toolchain of the GOV divi-sion. Furhtermore, a cross-departmental mandate management system was also estab-lished and a JIRA idea management system was implemented and introduced for the website.

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