Open Source Lösungen

Adapted solutions bring more success.
Maximize your options with open source solutions.

The value of open source standard solutions is well established. The public and non-profit sectors have used open source products for a long time, and this software with openly accessible code is now increasingly being used in the computer centres of small- and medium-sized companies and major corporations. Open source means more deployment options, stronger protection of your investments, and additional security and efficiency.

Because the code base is open, we can develop new functionality for you, modify existing functionality in line with your requirements and combine different software to provide an all-round optimum solution.


mimacom develops technologically sophisticated software solutions for you based on open source components and using JEE. We use the latest development technologies, programming languages, databases and project management methods.

We are continuously evaluating new open source products, which allows us to build the best possible partnerships. We also contribute to the technical and functional development of existing open source technologies.  This cooperation creates clear added value for all our customers.

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mimacom developed the portal SPHAIR for the organisation of the same name for the Swiss Air Force. The application provides a fully evolved content management system based on Liferay for all the content for possible candidates and prospective pilots.

On the other side the system also provides workflows and process to organise and manage the education of the candidates.

Atupri KBM

Atupri Krankenkasse needed a complaints management system that would allow it to receive and process its customers' requirements more efficiently and effectively.
To meet this requirement, mimacom developed a modern CRM-based portal solution. Due to its modular design, the system is flexible and extendable.

mimacom has developed a range of different solutions for Swisscom (Corporate Business), which the company offers to its clients as eServices.

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